We used to totally have it all figured out. So pro, bro. Success early on can do that to you. Maybe make you just a might over confident and keep you on an imbalanced track of overworking and under relationshipping.

Then we got dogs and everything changed.

We realized what love was, how much anxiety and worry comes with caring, and that life’s all too short to not just be having fun as much as possible together. So we came together to start this company—to share what we’ve learned, how we feel, and what we’re making to make it easier for you to spend more time having a doggamn blast with your pup. Because time is short, and we’ve got a lot to do, but nothing’s as important as playing together—free, like a couple wild animals.

Come join us on Merriview Hill.

–The Dogfathers


Driscoll & Ed
Dogfather & CEO

Dogfather to Driscoll (hogger-of-blankets, humpiest, grumpiest eight-year-old English bulldog) love of his life and inspiration for MerriView Hill and The PoopChute (patent-pending); the first of his twelve inventions, designed to solve some of the most frustrating everyday pet parent problems.

Before combining his passions: dog lover, entrepreneur and inventor, Ed was a recognized global brand and digital executive with some of the world’s top marketing agencies (JWT, Digitas, Publicis, MediaCom) and worked with the likes of Audi, Revlon, Godiva, Google, Apple, Gap, Target, American Eagle, Stop and Shop and many others.

He inspired and led global teams disrupting industries to make a difference in the lives of everyday consumers with many firsts including, the first online grocer, the first online savings bank, the first search engine, the first online dating site, the first online hospitality rewards program, the first universal frequent flyer program and, if you give him an hour he’d be happy to bore you with more……..

Ed “Francis” Logan is a BC and Harvard guy, shares his NYC home, bed, chairs, sofa (you name it) with his 60lb Bulldog, Driscoll (named after his mother’s mother because she thought he should have adopted a golden retriever instead). Ed never wears pleated pants – much to the amazement of Mike.

Lulu & Laurie
Co-Founder and CXO

A dog parent and Toller breeder (that’s short for Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever – go ahead and Google the breed, they are gorgeous) for over 15 years, Laurie loves most to be out in a field wearing camo and training her dogs, raising puppies or posting pictures of her puppers to her Instagram and FB kennel page.

When not devoting her time to her dogs (and oh yea, her family), she’s likely working on a digital marketing strategy or creating a multi-channel program that delivers an authentic brand experience. Over her 20-year professional marketing career, Laurie has worked across numerous industries including retail (you name the retailer, Laurie’s likely worked on it at some time), financial services, QSR, CPG, and B2B. She’s a firm believer that today’s brands are built on the marriage of brand, technology & data.

She earned her degrees from Smith College and an MBA The Wharton School of Business with a focus on marketing and finance.

Laurie loves spending time off the grid along the shore of Lake Champlain where she can train her dogs, fish and hang with her family.

Hailey & Mike
Dogfather and President

Dogfather to 4 rescues & plain ‘ol dad to 6 beautiful kids, this J&J empty-nester traveled the globe and inspired some of the most successful innovative CPG and digital brands ever launched. He developed, built one of the first global internet banks, HSBC Direct, and the Companion Animal division of Merial for Novartis OTC in Latin America, into a leading animal health business.

This past year he reconnected with Ed and found his real passion – that of an entrepreneur to solve some of the most frustrating everyday pet parent problems.

Mike “Francis” Prebenda is a Kalamazoo College and Wharton guy, shares his waterfront dream home with his wife of 34 years, Shelley and still wears pleated pants – much to the chagrin of Ed.


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